What is this site about?

This is a database of StoneHearth building templates. You can send builds that you like or search for one to use in your game.

Wait, what's a building template?

A build template is a blueprint of a building. In game, you can select it from the build menu, and place it on a desired location. After ordering your settlers to finish it, they will gather the materials needed and start building it!

Cool! But how can I create one?

In your world, click on your desired building. On its menu, there will be a button "save" which when clicked will save it as a template.

And how can I use a template that I found here?

All custom templates are placed in the folder "saved_objects\stonehearth\building_templates", located inside your stonehearth game folder. After you download one file from here, all you need to do is place your unzipped files in that building_templates folder!

Tip: If your game doesn't have this folder, you can manually create it and it will work the same way.