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King's Castle 8

by HamHax on Aug 07, 2017

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A castle inspired by the game 8-Bit Hordes. I have also built a template for the walls and corners.

Tags: Large build Castle Landmark

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ToriKelly Aug 07, 2017

Good job !

delongfl Sep 23, 2017

hey so i tried to build this and aside from 3 of my townspeople dying lol getting walled in. The building stops on the second floor :/ any ideas?

HamHax Sep 23, 2017

Yes, delongfl, I had this issue as well. a problem I corrected whilest constructing. I had to build a few small temp structures to act as a semi-permanent scaffolding. keep in mind that when I originally designed it, I was using cheats to instant build.

delongfl Sep 24, 2017

hamhax! thanks for the response! any chance you could post a screenshot as an example?